Friday, April 3, 2009

Playing With the Hues Filter

Every now and then, when I'm stumped for inspiration, I'll take a photo of a bead set I like and play with it a bit in Photoshop. (Ha! I accidentally typed "photoshlop" at first - Freudian slip, perhaps?? *grin*)

Sometimes it helps me see things in a different way, but it almost always makes me wish I was being consulted about new glass colors for Moretti and Vetrofond to create. Here's this week's example:

This is a shot of my Plumeria bead series. Simple, but yummy. What I used here was teal, amber, gold pink, opal yellow, odd lot opaque raspberry (out of production) and odd lot sea green opaque (also out of production). Of course I used other colors of glass as well, but as far as what you see when you look at the beads, the colors I listed are the ones that count.

Here I have tweaked the hue slider a little bit and while I think it wouldn't be easy to make this set, I could definitely get close to the look here. I'd have to layer a few colors to get the right end result and I could probably get pretty close to that purple. All in all - still doable.

This one??'d be a little tougher to get the strawberry-hued red in the crowned triangle beads, the spots of the lily pads, the whitehearts and the base of the striped disks. That definitely isn't a red I have in my color palette at the moment - but I'd sure like to have it!!

Now this set I'd LOVE to be able to make! The blue isn't aqua and it isn't teal. And the purple isn't an amethyst nor is it an inky blue-hued purple. It's more pinky-violet and I would love to get my hands on a huge stash of it!

I wish I had all the chemicals, oxides and what-have-you to mix glass myself from scratch. I sure know exactly what I'd want to try to make!


Dana said...

I'll take one of each...thank you very much! :P

Jena said...

I'm right on it, Dana! Hmmmm... now where to come up with all those nonexistent colors!!!


RockerJewlz said...

I like all the color combos, but when it comes to the final set, that's the one that made me say "wow!"

Kate said...

As you know, the last two are my favorite! The middle one is very Miami Beach! It would be nice to be there right now! But if you find those colors of glass, I'm definitely up for a set or two!