Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Which Sign Should be Mine?

As I mentioned yesterday, I want to put a tin sign on the blank wall next to the sliding hen house door. You know, here:

Dean and I have found several signs that we really like, but I'm having a hard time picking one. First, I'll show you my absolutely favorite sign and tell you why I can't have it.

This is the sign I like the best of all the ones I've seen. (I've been trying to figure out what kind of chicken that is, 'cause I sure would like one. The feathered feet keep throwing me. It looks most like the English Light Sussex, but again, I can't find any pictures of them with the feathers on the feet. And the Colombian Rock has similar patterning around the neck, but their tails are white. Oh well, I'll figure it out eventually.) Unfortunately, the colors of the sign are all wrong for the colors we used on the coop. Also, the layout of this sign is horizontal rather than vertical and it wouldn't fit in the space I had in mind. On the good side, I can still buy it! Our neighbors who built a coop after talking to us, painted theirs blue to coordinate with their house and it will make a good "coop warming" gift for them.

This is the sign that Dean likes the best. I understand his thinking: the colors are better, the orientation is right, we will be raising the chickens for eggs, etc. But still, I'm not completely convinced. While it is definitely retro, I think it leans a leeeetle too much to the cutesy side for me to really be happy with. I have a serious aversion to all things overtly "country". But this sign is still definitely in the running.

After the tin sign I can't have, this is the sign I like the best. I especially like the colors and the simple, yet bold design. It's definitely more my style - no unnecessary frou-frou, thank you very much. It's oriented the right way and to my mind, would be perfect for our coop. I think Dean's main objection is that we aren't planning to sell chicks, but I'll have to ask him again to be sure.

This sign was never even under consideration, but I wanted to show it anyway. The Kewpie doll-looking kid kinda freaks me out, you know. Cutesy country strikes again!

And boy, do I like the sentiment of this one! Maybe I should hang it inside my closet door...

So, which one of the above signs do YOU think would go best?


Kristen said...

OK, here's my thought. I like the one that Dean likes primarily for the color scheme and the fact that is says eggs on it and that's what you are raising the chicks for. It seems to fit! I have to agree with you on the one with the girl, she is kinda freaky! ha ha Good luck deciding! :)

Kate said...

I'm in agreement with Dean! And yes, the Kewpie Doll one is kind of creepy. :)

ginny said...

Hmm, I like the round sign. I think the colors are good and I LOVE the saying!
Too bad that the expression on the kewpie doll's face makes her look like an ---well, "other being". LOL!

RockerJewlz said...

The co-op chick gets my vote...colors are perfect and the chick facing the door has a good balance..simple and "clean" just like the coop (at least for now!)