Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Got a Blog Award!

Kristen from MJM Jewelry Designs sent me a blog award! Thanks so much, Kristen!!
Now, I'm supposed to share 5 things that I love. Usually, I'd say that I love my husband and my children. And I'd mention that I love that I get to do something I enjoy doing every day. I'd probably say that I love living in the South. And I'd tell you that I love vacations hanging out on the beach, preferably somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico where the water is crystal clear and warm as a bathtub. But you all know that already, right? So today I wanna go a little off the beaten path. What else do I love?

  1. Going to sleep listening to the sound of rain outside.
  2. Piling up on my bed with the kids and reading out loud to them.
  3. The cool, crisp feeling of an Autumn morning. (It's coming - I can't wait!)
  4. Halloween
  5. The very first bite of apple pie a la mode. Yum!

Now I'm supposed to pass this along to my 10 favorite blogs. Here they are in alphabetical order:

52 Cupcakes

Craving Comfort
Go Fug Yourself
little cotton rabbits
Rebecca Danger
the fine art of confectionary
The Pioneer Woman
Sand & Sea Designs
West End Designs

Well, that was fun! Thanks again, Kristen. Dean is having surgery tomorrow, so it was really nice to have something else to think about for a while! *grin*


Lori said...

You always come up with neat things to look at or want to eat! Have you been to this one, love her blog too.

Kate said...

Thanks for the award. I'll be back in September with updates and I'll write about it then!!!

Jena said...

Thanks Lori! Eating - it's what I do best! *wink*

I have been to Bakerella before, but I had forgotten about it. Oops! Thank you SO much for the reminder and the link!!

Jena said...

You're welome, Kate! You know I love reading about the garden (or lack of one because of the crummy weather), the pugs' exploits and the very latest on you and what you're up to!

I can't wait until you're back and going strong!