Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun Friday

Here's a fun video I shot yesterday afternoon of The Girls under the blueberry bushes. There used to be neat mounds of mulch surrounding each bush (I know because I put them there this past Spring!), but our ladies have discovered the joys of a good dirt bath. Let me just say, I wish I enjoyed taking my baths as much as they enjoy theirs! And while I'm in a confessional sort of mood, I'll also share that this was the fourth and final video I shot of them doing the same thing. Also, I spend an inordinate amount of time watching the chickens doing ordinary (to them) things. It's endlessly entertaining! Like having a Ringling Brothers clown troup living in the backyard but better because there's no awful face paint. *grin*

We got a phone call informing us that Dean's knee surgery has been bumped up by several hours, so it looks like I might be back home and playing Nurse Ratched - oops, I mean Nurse NIGHTINGALE sooner than I thought. Keep us in your thoughts, ok? Men, and Dean in particular, aren't known for being the best patients. Bopping him over the head with something, although tempting, probably isn't the best way to keep him in bed and off his knee. Or IS it...?


Lori said...

What is really silly is that I look forward to watching the chickens that are not even mine and if I thought my hubby could build a little house for them half as good as what Dean made, I would have some. Makes me want to sell and move to the country, tired of sand (and sand fleas), palm trees, and wanting some nice grass and a nice crisp Autumn day! {hugs} for dean's owie!

Jena said...

Eeek! I don't think I'd want sand fleas either, Lori, although I could use a good dose of some sand, sunshine and a nice frozen margarita!

Thank you for the well wishes, Dean is much better and is (happily) returning to work this morning. Wahoo!