Saturday, August 15, 2009

Worst. Patient. Ever.


He doesn't listen. He just doesn't listen at ALL. Dean is supposed to stay off his knee, keeping it elevated and icing it down for 20 minutes out of every hour for the next 48 hours. In reality? Not quite. I guess whatever meds they gave him when they did the surgery kept him from feeling too much pain and so he tried to do more than he probably should've.

Now, he tells me that when he rolled over in his sleep last night, the pain was sharp enough to wake him up and so NOW he's laying in the bed with ice like he should have all day yesterday. I still can't get him to take one of the pain pills the doctor prescribed, saying that it doesn't hurt all that badly. (Dean has no great love for prescription medications, except maybe antibiotics.)

I'd better go see if I can get him to eat something for breakfast. Too bad I can't tuck pain medicine into a piece of cheese and sneak it to him the way I do the dog! *grin*

I don't have any pictures of beads I've made lately because I'm still working on orders, but I wanted to show you something. So, at the top are a couple shots of the girls (including one with my mom!) when they went to Isle of Palms/Charleston with my parents last month.


Kate said...

Just getting caught up on your blog. I am so sorry to hear Dean had surgery! May I suggest a blow dart loaded with pain meds?? LOL. I hope he feels better soon!

The girls are adorable!!! :)

Jena said...

Ha! A blow dart sounds good and it's just sneaky and devious enough to make me wanna try. Good on you!! *wink*