Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Fossil Blackburn II tote


'Cause it's orange and I love it! Also, I have completely worn out the orange bag I usually carry. *sigh* And it's orange! Did I mention I love orange?

Canon SD960


Well, I need a new camera because at some point my Mom is gonna want hers back! And hey, how can anyone not like an aqua-y, turquoise-y camera? And if for whatever reason (perish the thought!), you're not a blue girl, they've got it in pink, silver and gold!

"Neve" by Gabriella Rocha


Do I really have to explain this one? They're haircalf leopard print for heaven's sake. Plus, ankle strap! I'm in love!!


Lori said...

Loooove the orange bag. All my life it was always pink or blue being my favorite colors. Now I have kinda swung where I like orange a lot. I have been sloooowly re-furnishing the house in chocolate brown with splashes of orange and green and really liking it.

Kate said...

My mother bought me a very similar bag for my birthday a few weeks ago.....but in purple. Won't we be stylish in the Fall???

Jena said...

I know what you mean, Lori. I never used to be overly enamored of orange either. I've always been more of a teal or a green girl, myself.

Ooohhh... I bet your house is looking lovely! hope you'll share pictures when you're done!

Jena said...

Ooohhh, Kate - a purple purse for a present!! (Try saying that 5 tmes fast...) I know you're loving that! I hope you had an absolutely wonderful birthday!!