Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not Great, But Better

It's now Tuesday and it's - SURPRISE!- still raining. It hasn't been the monsoon of 3 weeks ago (with massive flooding and serious storm damage), but it is tiresome and annoying - especially when your roof is messed-up and leaking! Yes - still leaking.

I'd take pictures to share, but I haven't bought myself a camera yet and my Mom's camera is currently out of the country. She and my Dad went to Paris with another couple. They've called and texted a few times, so I know they're having fun. (Yesterday, they took a high speed train to Brussels and Bruges and spent the day there.) Mom's birthday is on the 10th and she's always wanted to go, so it's her birthday present this year.

Sorry, the picture above isn't from the 'rents but from Google pics. Dad was going to send some shots he'd taken using his iPhone and then found out that it would cost something like $20 per gigabyte to send and thought the better of it.

That's all for now, I've got to go regroup and decide what to do with my day. Right now, I'm wrapped up in 2 blankets and a sweatshirt and all I really feel like doing is to go back to bed.

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