Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Neverending Story...

I loved that movie as a child, but as an adult I find the concept somewhat annoying. No, not the actual movie - that is still sweet. But the idea of something that just keeps repeating over and over. In my house, that seems to be illness. Tilly was home yesterday because she was complaining of a sore throat and had a pretty bad cough. The doctor diagnosed her with strep throat and pneumonia and stuck her on antibiotics.

(*Side note - we were all pretty freaked out about the pneumonia diagnosis because a very dear family friend was admitted to the hospital late on Thursday evening of last week with a cough and difficulty breathing, diagnosed with double pneumonia the next day and died in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Julia was only 60 and was expecting her next grandchild in the next few weeks. She will be greatly missed!)

Cut to this morning , and now Elinor says her throat feels like she's trying to swallow broken glass every time she swallows. Back to the doctor, yep - more strep but thankfully no pneumonia. Prescribes antibiotics for Ella. Doctor is not impressed with the lack of improvement in Tilly's case and the fact that the strep swab came back immediately positive again. (Don't ask me - I have no idea how cultures work or how long it takes an antibiotic to work!) Soooooo, he changes her antibiotics again and orders another day or two of home rest - for both of them. Now all I'm waiting for is for Davis to get sick and the Fulcher family children will have won the Illness Triple Crown yet again!

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