Sunday, May 15, 2016

Musings on Life, Beads, and Color Selection

So... the question I have when I sit down to make beads nearly every day is: what should I make now? I'm guilty of getting into the rut of making the same choices nearly every time. If I were left alone and only had to make beads to please myself, I would choose aqua, turquoise, lime green, purple, cobalt blue, white, and hot pink. Obviously, not all those color choices would be on the same beads...but there would be some overlap.  Sometimes, I get a wild hair and will pick up a rod in a color I don't normally play with or I will go to the glass store and be inspired by something I had never seen before and come home and look for glasses that coordinate. Unfortunately, inspiration and new glass doesn't come out to play every day.

What I need to know is: what are you looking for? I suppose I need to set up a poll with multiple choice selections and a space for you to fill in the blank. I really do need "audience participation" this time if at all possible. I want to make things that you want to use, otherwise - what's the point?  I don't make jewelry myself, or if I do, it's only a little bit for the occasional random gift, a pair of earrings, or something for an outfit for myself. What I make are beads for jewelry designers to use in their creations. So it would help if I knew what exactly jewelry designers were looking for.

Standard "jenagirlbeads" have been florals, triangles, disks and assorted other beads to make up the sets. For a while, I had an open catalog where you could pick exactly what it was that you wanted me to make for you. Unfortunately, I have a full-time job now and and am unable to spend eight or more hours every day making beads as I have in the past. As a consequence, my bead-making needs to be more focused towards creating things that will sell, instead of playing with the glass in the hopes of stumbling across something I really like.


***Edited to add*** - Okay, so I added 2 polls on the right bar under my Etsy listings. Please take a look and vote. And don't forget that you can always email me with suggestions!


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