Thursday, July 17, 2008

Peach Chai

You know I just can't stay focused for long. *sigh* I was busy working last night, filling orders when I noticed these colors laying next to each other on the work bench and thought "Yum!!". This is Czech dark smokey topaz, amber rose, sage green opaque and a wonderful batch of peachy pink coral that is about 6 years old. I don't usually work with warm colors (although I really like them and prefer them for my own jewelry), but I am definitely going to be making a series in these colors as soon as I'm caught up with orders! Hmmm...I wonder if I can encase coral with amber rose for a warm, peachy colored whiteheart? I know specials don't like to be encased as a general rule, but it might be worth trying...

Sorry, I'm back now! See what I mean about staying focused? My mind always wants to drift off in 6 different directions at once. I swear, it's like having adult ADD.

Oh yeah, I made 3 - count 'em - THREE - batches of blueberry sorbet yesterday. One for us, one for my parents and one for Dean to take to work and share. It is luscious stuff and I find myself tempted to sneak a spoonful every time I walk by the freezer. (But I don't! Do you hear me? I have restraint, darnit!) For some reason, our blueberry bushes kicked it into overdrive this year and I find myself filling a 2 gallon pitcher every couple days or so. Trust me, I'm not complaining! We've had several batches of sorbet and some delicious blueberry muffins with streusel topping, plus I've managed to freeze some in bags to use later. Imagine...blueberry pancakes this Fall or blueberry coffeecake in December - yummy!!

Right now, it's time to go feed the neighbor's dog. Then, I'm taking the kids out for our daily walk and then?? Torch time!!!

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