Thursday, March 12, 2009


These pictures are of beads I just finished that were a special request from my mom. I really, really, REALLY like how they turned out and I'm mulling over making a few sets to sell in my Boutique. Would there be any interest in them?

Before you answer, keep in mind that they are quite time-intensive and the deep pink glass that I used so freely I can't get any more (and is therefore extremely precious!), so these beads would be more expensive than my usual bead set prices. How expensive? I'd probably ask in the neighborhood of $90-100 for this set of 5 beads. So - still interested?


RockerJewlz said...

I wouldn't be able to afford it but man those are so beautiful...great color mix.

Can you do them cheaper with a different but similarly toned pink glass I wonder?

my creative life studio said...

i would love a set :-)

ginny said...

I would like to have a set! No; that's not correct. I would LOVE to have a set. That means yes, make a set for me!

Lori said...

They are beautiful, love the green dot and pink stripe especially.

eOnions said...

Lovely! I especially love the pink striped kalera with two white flowers... something like that would be lovely in a mini set, especially with some stripey or plain colored spacers.

Jackie said...

They are GORGEOUS!! I'd LOVE a set!